Independence is the key of the new politics – we need your help!

Dear Friends,

As you know, Hungary has elected a new Parliament this April, but I did not attend the inaugural session – cause I did not want to legitimize the Parliament that was created by a distorted system after an unfair election. I did not want to listen to the report of the electoral commission that everything was in order. 

Although the other opposition MPs did not join me, the ruling party sees this symbolic stand as dangerous – as is suggested by the fact that I have not been allowed to take the oath of office and thus exercise my rights. It is not me that is being ignored, but the more than 30 000 citizens who elected me to represent them. 

Another consequence of the postponement of the oath of office is that I will not receive a MP’ fee, but I expected this, I made my decision with this in mind. On the other hand I am not being pushed out, as I have a normal, civil profession, I own a company and a practice where I can work (I have been attacked in the past for still working as a vet). 

There is, however, an unpleasant side-effect of postponing the swearing-in: I do not have access to the financial framework that all MPs are entitled to. This is not a large sum, but in the past I have been able to pay my colleagues to help me and provide other conditions for my anti corruption work (such as investigate in the field, access to the register of companies or property deeds). 

To continue this work I ask for support from you, European citizens! If we manage to raise at least HUF 6 million (€15,000), we will be able to continue our fight against corruption and seditious propaganda without any problems, we will not be dependent on the Orban-regime, so they will not be able to stop us with cutting the finance. Then we will be truly independent of the system!

Please help us if you can! Even small amounts count! It would be the biggest help if you could set up regular monthly support, but of course we are just as grateful for one-off help! 

I created the Foundation for a Fair and Just Society (in Hungarian: Tisztességes és Igazságos Társadalomért Alapítvány, or TITA) to help fight corruption and propaganda, promote real news and constructive debate. Please, support it: 

Tisztesseges és Igazsagos Tarsadalomert Alapitvany
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